Leading Wholesaler of Pharma Grade CBD Products

The Sidnak Solutions produces hemp derived pharma grade CBD Isolate and CBD Distillate, made and sold in the USA. All our hemp is harvested in Oregon and Minnesota, with manufacturing operations in our 75,000 sq.ft industrial facility in Colorado Springs, CO.

A USA Leading Manufacturer and Wholesaler of Pharma Grade CBD Products

Sidnak Solutions produces hemp derived pharma grade CBD Isolate and CBD Distillate, made in USA. All our hemp is harvested in Oregon and Minnesota, with manufacturing operations in our 75,000 sq.ft industrial facility in Colorado Springs, CO.

We use both ethanol and co2 extraction to ensure the highest quality and potency providing you with CBD you can trust to be safe and effective.

About Us

Sidnak Solutions Inc. is a vertically integrated operations focused on Farming Hemp and Distribution. We are a family owned and operated business that is
invested in every step of the process. We take pride in providing superior quality and
honoring large and small clients. Our story begins with 25 years in dietary
supplements business, with a vision to constantly provide customers with a full
solution to their needs. Our clients started approaching us to make formulations with
CBD. One thing led to another and after the passing of the Farm Bill in 2018 we
opened a wholesale business facility in Colorado Springs, CO
providing raw material to companies all over the USA, our team our knowledge and
our desire expanded. In early 2019 we bought a farm in Minnesota where we are
currently harvesting hemp. Sidnak Solutions Inc.shares a collective interest and
passion in healthy lifestyles. From business executives to fitness professionals,
advertisers and marketers, we are fortunate to work in an industry that improves the
quality of individuals lives.

Our Products

At Sidnak Solutions Inc., we pride ourselves in providing you with the best products and services possible. That means all of our products are made with only the highest quality CBD sourced from organic, American grown hemp. We carefully monitor every step of the seed-to-sale process, which is how we guarantee our products are superior to competitors.

  • CBD Isolate 99.5% +

    CBD Isolate Applications: ● Pharmaceuticals ● Cosmetics ● Edibles ● Beverages ● Lotions/Topicals
    CBD Isolate Benefits: - Pain Relief - Reduce Anxiety - Cancer-Fighting Properties - Reduce Diabetes Risk CBD isolate is a pure isolate powder containing 99% CBD, the most potent available on the market. The process for making CBD isolate undergoes a proprietary process to filter out plant material and remove waxes, chlorophyll, and more. What’s left is a pure crystalline containing only the CBD chemical compound.
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  • CBD Distillate

    CBD Distillate Applications: CBD distillate is a full spectrum extract of the hemp plant. Distillation is an extraction process that separates and refines cannabinoids at a molecular level. Although CBD distillates are not as pure as a CBD isolate, they still provide many unique benefits. ● Pharmaceuticals ● Edibles ●​ Tinctures ●​ Topicals ● Cosmetics
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  • Water Soluble Nano CBD

    Beverages Including:: ● Water ● Pop ● Herbal ● Coffee ● Diet Drinks ● Energy Drinks ● Juices ● Kombuchas
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  • 100% Organic Vegan Hemp
    100% Organic Vegan Hemp
    All of our products have a trail analysis from seed-to-sale and are 100% hemp derived.
    Made in USA
    Made in USA
    From the farm to the consumer, our products are all grown and manufactured in the United States.
  • Non-GMO
    Nothing artificial or synthetically manipulated is added to our products; they are 100% GMO-free.
    Pharma-Grade Products
    Pharma-Grade Products
    We are compliant with all standards of our product and practices to ensure that we are obeying the pharmaceutical industry requirements.
  • Colorado Department of Public Health and Safety
    Colorado Department of Public Health and Safety
    We adhere to the good practices in our workplace to follow regulations that are in line with the public health and safety of our community.
    3rd Party Lab Testing
    3rd Party Lab Testing
    All products manufactured are 3rd party tested. We test for everything to ensure we continually meet deliverables of the highest quality CBD everytime.
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Express quality <span> customer service. </span>

Express quality customer service.

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What our clients say:

Finally a group who is consistent. Staff is extremely knowledgeable and they really do produce top quality CBD. We've dealt with other companies but we are strictly buying from The Sidnak Solutions. We haven't been even close to disappointed by anything we've bought, quality tests and turn around times are generally a few days. Keep doing what you're doing!

Sam J

The Sidnak Solutions is extremely easy to work with. Any questions that occur can immediately be answered. I will e-mail or call to make an order request, one of the reps call to organize my order and make the process very simple. I make the purchase and the very next day the product is in my hands!

Glen K
(Product Manufacturer)

They’re all super cool people that genuinely understand business relations, finding a quality CBD manufacturer who is dedicated to making sure their client's needs are met is hard to find. Our business has been purchasing products from them for a while now and we have received nothing less than the best service possible! Highly recommend.

Jeff Davison
(White Label Company)

In the past our business purchased products off other Labs providing CBD, but had multiple problems of backorders we have never had that problem with The Sidnak Solutions. They only sell what they have currently on deck. They are passionate about not only their CBD, but also building positive relationships with people. Relationships are vital to us when it comes to business. We consider this a very long standing relationship.

Vinny T – Innovations GGS

Outstanding is an understatement. They provide the BEST product on the market, with 3rd party testing very consistent. The CBD Isolate arrives in a bucket that's sealed and is a nice pearly white color as they double wash their product. All products are shipped overnight. I highly recommend The Sidnak Solutions.

Gordon K – CMH Vertical

As the market is so new and CBD is really taking off there are a lot of products on the market claiming to be high quality CBD. They have been 100% transparent, reliable and consistent. Our brands are very reliant on CBD that is top quality. We order every 7-10 days and they have made things very streamline and easy for us - Undoubtedly one of the top CBD providers in USA.

Matthew. J Jr