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  • CBD Distillate

    CBD Distillate Applications: CBD distillate is a full spectrum extract of the hemp plant. Distillation is an extraction process that separates and refines cannabinoids at a molecular level. Although CBD distillates are not as pure as a CBD isolate, they still provide many unique benefits. ● Pharmaceuticals ● Edibles ●​ Tinctures ●​ Topicals ● Cosmetics
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  • CBD Isolate 99.5% +

    CBD Isolate Applications: ● Pharmaceuticals ● Cosmetics ● Edibles ● Beverages ● Lotions/Topicals
    CBD Isolate Benefits: - Pain Relief - Reduce Anxiety - Cancer-Fighting Properties - Reduce Diabetes Risk CBD isolate is a pure isolate powder containing 99% CBD, the most potent available on the market. The process for making CBD isolate undergoes a proprietary process to filter out plant material and remove waxes, chlorophyll, and more. What’s left is a pure crystalline containing only the CBD chemical compound.
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  • Water Soluble Nano CBD

    Beverages Including:: ● Water ● Pop ● Herbal ● Coffee ● Diet Drinks ● Energy Drinks ● Juices ● Kombuchas
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